Our main goal is to give you some hints of BI tool. If you have any questions - we'll be happy to help you with ideas and solutions. This site is designed to show the power of QlikView and to help customers to decide why they should choose QlikView. We have very strong experience with SAP Business Objects and we do recommend it also, if we see that this tool will be most suitable for your organization and requirements. Web Intelligence, Data Integrator, Excelsius, Crystal Reports and Desktop Intelligence - we know them in detail.

Why DataVerso?

  • We know how to get data from >62 different data source types.
  • Less talking - more doing->presenting->updating.
  • Experience and knowledge, knowledge and experience.

If X then Z .. if Y then M... computer intelligence
Human Intelligens works like " Oh no... A ha!!!

QlikView is designed to be used like human thinks and we know how to represent your existing data in verso way.


We are a team of highly professional individuals with significant personal experience of the financial, logistic and manufacturing areas. Most of us are involved in BI projects for 7+ years.
If you have something to say about our projects, about development methodology we are using, or just good words about us, please send it to info@dataverso.com


We are located in Riga, Latvia. 1 hour from Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Vilnius. 2 hours from Moscow, Berlin, Munich, Prague. 3 hour from London, Paris.